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Schools in tents – Zeltschule e.V.

In April, Jacqueline Flory gave a talk about Zeltschule e.V. which is a non-profit association based in Munich. This organization supports Syrian refugees by running schools in tents for children in Lebanon and Syria.

Jacqueline Flory started by giving us an overview of the political situation in Syria and Lebanon and why there is a need of schools and refugee camps close to the border. Then we learned how the first school and surrounding camp was built. As the project gained more and more attention, more schools could be built. Currently, there are over 50 schools up and running.

Around once or twice a month, Jacqueline Flory and her team travel to the camps to bring things like food, hygiene products, clothes and school supplies. They use this opportunity to find out which kind of support the refugees currently need in order to plan their next visit.

It was a very insightful talk where we could not only learn about Zeltschule e.V., but also about the culture and political situation in Lebanon and Syria. Thank you to the speaker for this interesting evening!

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