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The aim of this project is to integrate, support and accompany the refugees who live at the refugee housing at Wohnprojekt Implerstraße while completing their apprenticeship, or attending school in Munich.

This mentoring program is meant to help the young adults in their intended fields of work, e.g., completing an apprenticeship for a technical profession might require tutoring in physics or related sciences.

We want to support their goals by guiding them on their homework assignments, or by clarifying specific questions they might have. The needs can vary from language skills (German or English) to scientific subjects (physics, mechanical engineering etc.). You don’t need to be a specialist in order to volunteer!

But, as life is not only about work, Mentoract is not only about tutoring. We regularly visit the Wohnprojekt Implerstraße and have fun with the refugees and share experiences with them. We organize a Christmas party for them every year and they invite us for their garden party in the summer. There are many activities like sports that we would love to organize together. Everyone is welcome to join and all ideas are welcome!