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Our Club

Rotaract Club Munich International was found in 2002 by a group of young people who are setting their aims on living an international life, helping needy people, fostering leadership and responsible citizenship and encouraging high ethical standards in business. At present we are 25 members from 5 countries of the world. We are one of only three international Rotaract Clubs all over the world and the oldest among them. We are greatly supported by our sponsoring clubs Rotary Club Munich International and München Martinsried.

These are our members:

NameMember since
Bassilious, Marina04/2014
Bieber, Stephanie05/2014
Bieber, Maximilian02/2016
Böhm Florian06/2018
Corrion, Marie03/2018
Faul, Fabian11/2018
Geßner, Vicco02/2016
Hofmann, Christina04/2011
Hofmann, Elisabeth12/2009
Hoffmann, Sarah Maria02/2016
Hofmann, Simon05/2014
Horstmann, Isabelle06/2016
Kidess, Marc12/2014
Krempl, Maximilian11/2017
Leyrer, Kinga03/2012
Liu, Chenchao02/2010
Loss, Giacomo07/2014
Mahler, Caroline Maria06/2016
Markova, Kristina06/2013
Mayer, Korbinian03/2018
Rehbock, Stephanie10/2011
Ruck, Benedikt11/2012
Sargsyan-Bergmann, Josef06/2016
Schwarting, Julian06/2013
Schöller, Clara-Antonia11/2017
Stoerrle, Christopher11/2017
Vogel, Maximilian02/2016
Wiedling, Lorena06/2017
Weidmann, Daniel02/2014
Zündorf, Christin12/2014