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Suspension of Rotaract meetings

Dear friends, guests and members of Rotaract Munich-International,

we have come to the conclusion that Rotaract activities and meetings will be suspended until April 23rd. Therewith we follow the recommendation of our chancellor Angela Merkel and our prime minister Markus Söder to “avoid every unnecessary social contacts”. Latest mid of April we’ll inform you, if a further suspension is necessary.

We hope for your understanding and support!

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Speeddating 2020

Last Friday our yearly speeddating event took place. It was a very successful event: We had many participants both Rotaracters and guests and many speeddate – matches.

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Bavarian Curling

Yesterday we met for Bavarian Curling at Bambergerhaus. Afterwards we had a nice dinner, thanks to everyone for the fun evening!

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Art Auction 2019

2019-11 RCMI Art Auction

On 22 November we supported and faciliated another successfull charity art auction hosted by Rotary Munich International. This event takes place on an annual basis and this year’s donations support the Orlandus Lassus Foundation, the Barefoot College in India as well as Rotary scholar ships.

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Last week Mrs Susanne Merten-Wente and Sara held a speech about Rotary’s Scholarship Programme. Sara shared her experiences of her year abroad sponsored by Rotary whereas Mrs Merten-Wente talked about the idea behind it and the administrative (target group: students 18-28 years old, application process, etc.).

If you are interested in applying for a Rotary Scholarship please contact: Dr. Karin Steinhäuser, RC München-Münchner Freiheit, Distriktbeauftragte für die Stipendien,

For more information you could also visit the following websites:

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