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Rotaract Club Munich-International Posts

Beergardenmeeting 2019

We were happy to get together with new guests and guests from other clubs in Augustinerkeller at our annual beergardenmeeting. We were a mix of different nations (also from far away like Mexico and Colombia) and had good food and nice weather. Some people went to bars together afterwards. 

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Disko 2019

Last Saturday the district conference took place in Munich. We started the day with a teambuildung session: Drumming together with Drum Café.

Afterwards we reviewed the Rotarian year and we had a presentation of Rotary exchange students.

Besides that the best price for three social projects within the district was awarded followed by a presentation from sponsored students (Rotary scholarship holders).

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Chatmeeting – Bar Déjà bu

Last Thursday we had a Chatmeeting at Bar Deja bu, a French wine bar in Munich. We enjoyed the evening while having good wine, snacks and interesting conversations.

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