First and extraordinary meeting of the year – BMW Production Site

We formally began our new year with an extraordinary and absolutely stunning guided tour through the BMW Production Site.

Also to those who have been there several times already, seeing those machines and immense logistic effort in producing a simple car is always a new experience and impression. Thanks to our guide (who was actually a doctor!) we had the huge privilege to visit the engine production side as well. Boys and Girls enjoyed it equally!


Change of Board – Hiking – Ain’t no mountain high enough!

Every summer, it is time to officially introduce the new Rotaract Board with the announcement of the new Rotarian Year.

This year, we conducted our official Change of Board-Ceremony in the Tegernsee region on a great summer day. Members and friends of our Rotaract Club joined for an exciting hiking tour all the way up on top of the Wallberg. We enjoyed a fantastic view on this sunny day and were amazed by the many paragliders up in the sky. As a reward for the long hike, we ended the day with a cool refreshment – either by jumping into the Tegernsee, or by having a cool drink, while enjoying a relaxed and traditional Bavarian dinner at Bräustüberl.

We warmly welcome everybody who is interested in Rotaract to join our upcoming meetings and activities! Looking forward to seeing you!

Biergarden Meeting – It was a pleasure to host you!

Thank you for joining our Beergarden Meeting in Mid-August! It was a great evening and we were thrilled by how many Rotaractors, Rotarians and friends came to enjoy this summer evening with us! We are very happy about the fruitful exchange of ideas for events and collaborations in the future. We hope to see you again soon!

Thank you also to Omar and Nur, two lebanese guests for joining! We are looking forward to set up a project with you!


Participants on our beer garden meeting

2016-08-29-PHOTO-00000025 2

Backpacks for Mary’s Meals

Little Backpack’s Story:
DSC_0016_1024In November 2015 we sold our hand-made pralines at the RC Munich International Art Auction. With the numerous donations it was possible to buy a stock of 150 backpacks for our this year’s Bundessozialaktion “Rucksack-Projekt” and thereby to support Mary’s Meals (

DSC_0110A month later, we aroused attention for this project with funny christmas sketch at RC Munich International’s Christmas Party. On our own Christmas Party, backpacks were personalized.

Last shift of Buy-one-More EventFurther in april, on our “Buy-one-more”-Event with Rotaract Club München, Munich’s people contributed a lot to the foundation. Also, lots of members searched for sponsors of the materials.


IMG_5441On thursday, we had the great pleasure to welcome Caroline Werz, Munich’s responsible of Mary’s Meals. She not only gave us insights into the organization itself, but also encouraged us to support Mary’s Meals vision in future.


Concluding: The last 6 months, we collected the required things to fill each backpack with school equipments, spoons, towels, hygiene articles and a set of clothes and shoes. A constant reminder on the Bundessozialaktion and our aim was omnipresent.

Finally, last Sunday, the day of packing arrived. Thanks to a students dorm, we were able to start and set this event in central Munich without problems of storage.
It was great fun, to sort and pack them. To everyone who took part in it – YOU ARE STARS!

Also, and thereby a big thank you to our secretary Moni, we drove these packages to Pöttmes near Augsburg in order to hand over all 150 backpacks to Mary’s Meals.
We hope that every single backpack will draw a smile on a child’s face in Malawi, Liberia and all the other countries where education and feeding in schools is supported by Mary’s Meals.

We especially want to thank Rotary Club Munich International for the tremendous financial and motivational support. Without you, this project would be still in child’s shoes and we couldn’t reach the aim of 150 filled backpacks.

THANK YOU TO EVERY SINGLE PERSON, MEMBER, GUEST, FRIEND that contributed enthusiastically to achieve this goal. It was a great pleasure. We are looking forward to stay in contact with Mary’s Meals!

DEUKO 2016 – We ♡-ed it!

This year’s DEUKO took place from 15th – 17th of april in Braunschweig, District 1800. Our club participated with 4 members: Bene, Marina, Julian and Stéphanie. Besides the inspiring plenum discussions, the great welcome party and the outstanding Gala-Event, we really enjoyed this weekend with you, our big family! THANK YOU so to the Rotaract Club Braunschweig-Wolfsburg, that made it happen and to every other single member of RAC Germany for such an unforgettable experience! We really enjoyed it to roar with the lions and to dance with the wolves! Bring DEUKO 2017 on! We are looking forward to it!!!!


Charity Bazar with RC Munich International

On this year’s Charity Bazar, organized by our sponsoring club RC Munich International, we help again on setting up and selling things for good cause. As a reward for the great support, RC Munich International donated a huge amount of second-hand clothes for our BuSo-Projekt “Rucksack-Projekt”. Thank you very much to every helping hand on the bazar and to all of you who took part in it during your free-time!

Thank you Steffen, Adam, Josef, Vicco, Stephanie, Andreas, Christin, Laura, Julian, Giacomo and Max! Great effort!

Helpers at the Charity BazarIMG_4685 (1)

<3 Successful Charity Speeddating <3

The Rotaract Charity Speeddating is a social project which we started in 2012 in collaboration with Rotaract Munich-Bavaria. This year, we had all over 60 participants!

In 2 rounds, all people had the chance to meet in total 8 possible soulmates.

As organisers, we do thank every “single” one for the great fun and we hope, that you’ve found someone to spend the rest of your lifetime with 🙂


“Buy-one-more”-Event for the BUSO “Rucksackprojekt”

A big “thank you” to all participants of RAC München and RAC Munich International for this great and very successful event. Tons of tooth paste, brushes, pencils, colored pencils and books as well as t-shirts and footwear have reached our collection both in the Real Markt at the Machtlfingerstraße.

Last shift of Buy-one-More Event

We hope, that we’ve collect enough to pack at least half of the backpacks we’ve aimed to sent to Malawi.

We are looking forward to give more hands on this fantastic project!

Welcome new Rotaractors!

We proudly announce that our family got extended by 6 new members! On the 4th of February, our president Julian warmly welcomed Valentin, Max, Vicco, Maxi and Sarah to the club.

Thank you for all your engagement – we are looking forward to see your power flourishing in social responsibility! Have fun!

f.l.t.r: Vicco, Max, Julian, Maxi and Sarah (Valentin - not seen)

f.l.t.r: Vicco, Max, Julian, Maxi and Sarah
(Valentin – not seen)