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Board Handover 2019–>2020

The board handover took place on Friday 14 of July 2020.
It was a chance to remember what we achieved last year but also a chance to take more energy and connect with each other for this year.

This year is (and will be) inevitably different from the others.
We want it to be different!
“Enjoy and Act” is our motto for this year.

We feel well equipped due to the great energy that exists and we aim for positive change 🙂

Let’s go through this handover day together now to see who is handed what over 🙂

Here we are! With our symbolic items 😀
  1. Secretary: Fabian  Alena / symbolic item: a rotaract keyboard
  2. Clubmaster: Korbinian Nadia / symbolic item: a rotaract calendar
  3. Treasurer: Marc  Marc 😅 / symbolic item: rotaract “money”
  4. Webmaster: Lorena  Elena / symbolic item: the rotaract “like” button
  5. Social officer: Fay, Marius Ekaterina, Vanessa / symbolic item: social projects collage
  6. Interact: Chris   Inès / symbolic item: interact hero doll or interact ABC book
  7. President: Antonia Schöller  Marius / symbolic item: the rotaract bell and president pin

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