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Mentoract Event

Our Mentoract Gardening Event took place Friday 7 of August 2020!

It was a great afternoon at the refugees home at Implerstraße. We all enjoyed a great BBQ in the garden of the guys…but not only.

What made this event great?

Interesting people, countless conversations, nice food, some sport activities and a great energy that we all felt! Thanks to all for participating and contributing to such a nice afternoon!

Let’s see what happened through the eyes of our photographer:

Getting some energy...
Good chats in prep-time 😉
Spending some energy 😀
Who won? When we asked, they said both. That’s the spirit! 😀
We said…our year motto is “Enjoy and ACT”. Here we see a lot of it. (sport action counts as well 😉
Group pic for the win!
Bye guys! See you in our next event… 😀

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