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Sustainable Development Hackathon

Short Description

What? Digital development competition co-hosted by Rotaractors from several countries.
Why? To accelerate the developments of the 17 SDGs via digital innovations, financial support, and awareness.
Who can participate? Members of the Rotarian family (Interact / Rotaract / Rotary) as well as people not affiliated with the Rotarian network, with any kind of professional backgrounds (IT and non-IT are welcome).
When? Tentative date between mid September and mid October 2021 (exact date TBA).
Early Bird Registration:
Organizers: RAC Munich-International (D1842, Germany), RAC Cluj-Napoca Visio (D2241, Romania), RAC Puebla Centro Historico (D4185, Mexico).
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Full Description

Rotaract Munich-International (Germany), Rotaract Cluj-Napoca Visio (Romania), and Rotaract Puebla Centro Histórico (Mexico), have joined forces in organizing a unique international event that aims at bringing together various audiences to work on solving existing problems in the world! For that, we team-up with Rotaractors from several countries and set up the Sustainable Development Hackathon (SDH), an international non-profit online hackathon hosted by Rotaract, that aims at boosting the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)! Herewith, we invite both technical and non-technical participants from our local communities and overseas to take part in the SDH. Responsible volunteers from our community, as well as Interactors, Rotaractors and Rotarians from all over the world are all welcome to contribute to achieving the mission of the SDH. You may participate either with your bright ideas in brainstorming theoretical solutions to problems addressed by the hackathon, or by exercising your technical programming skills for making them a reality.

With the SDH, the co-organizing Rotaract clubs (3-6 in total) aim to accelerate the accomplishment of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations to improve societal and environmental quality of life by solving problems in several global areas. The contribution we aim to bring to the 17 SDGs is threefold. First, we will set a subset of the 17 SDGs as the themes of focus for the programming competition. Therefore, we encourage participants to brainstorm and develop innovative digital solutions that boost the SDGs in the selected areas. Second, we will attach to the SDH a fundraiser that aims to support several nominated social causes aligned with the SDGs. Specifically, winning teams of programmers from the hackathon will be invited to donate their awards to the fundraiser, and the various audiences of the event will be invited to donate at their own will. Finally, we intend to raise awareness on the problems addressed by the 17 SDGs by spreading the word in our local and global communities. Thus, with the SDH, we intend to contribute to the SDGs with practical solutions, financial support, and outreach!

SDH is fueled by partners from the Rotarian family or by interested partners from the private / public sector. They support us either with financial sponsoring, useful logistics resources, or expertise personnel (judges or mentors) for the competition. We use the financial sponsoring for two purposes. First, we cover the hackathon’s running cost. Second, we purchase prizes for winning teams of programmers. Partners will benefit from several occasions throughout the SDH event to interact with participants and offer them career opportunities! Moreover, partners are invited to present their own use-cases that participating teams may choose to work on. Let us know if you would like to sponsor or support the SDH by filling out the following short form.

We invite Interactors, Rotaractors, Rotarians, as well as people not affiliated with Rotary, to volunteer in the SDH by bringing in their ideas to identify problems in the selected SDGs and develop theoretical solutions for them. Your contribution may become a concrete reality, as they will be proposed as use-cases that programming teams can choose to work on during the hackathon competition. You can supply your ideas either by submitting a proposal, or by taking part in brainstorming groups before the start of the hackathon. As a brainstorming volunteer, you can preregister to the SDH by filling-in the following short form. We will then come back to you with more details.

Finally, we invite IT enthusiasts from our community and overseas to exercise their tech skills and compete in the non-profit innovation contest for compelling prizes! Not only do they get to show off their programming wizardry, but their innovative ideas and prototypes may help in boosting the 17 SDGs. There is no registration fee for the participants, and you can register as a team (3-4 people), or as independent programmers looking for a team to join (we will then match you with an available team). Participants may register to work on use-case ideas of their own, or they may choose to tackle use-cases elaborated by the brainstorming volunteers or by our partners. Let us know if you would like to stay subscribed to the programming competition by filling-in the following short form.

We estimate the date of the grand event between mid September and mid October (exact date TBA).

Follow our LinkedIn page to stay updated with the latest news and developments of the SDH, or send us an email at to get in touch with the organizing team!