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Buy One More

KEMA is an acroym for “Kauf eins mehr Aktion” (”buy one more campaign”) and one of our club’s oldest projects.

We collect food at a supermarket for the “Münchner Tafel”, twice a year. To achieve this, we ask customers if they would be willing to buy a little more food and donate it for those in need.

The Corona virus pandemic has made this project more difficult to achieve, as we are unable to have direct contact with the costumers shop at the supermarkets in order to ask them for food donations. If you have any idea how to make KEMA safer for everyone by preventing the spread the virus, or if you would like to join us for the next KEMA, please contact our social officers.

The next KEMA will be on 27th November 2021. If you want to participate please reach out to us!