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Speaker Meeting: Venoli Team

22. April 2021 all-day

our next speaker: Venoli Team

Did you know, that every human on average consumes the equivalent of one credit card each week through microplastic particles in food and water? And that a lot of this microplastic comes from the soaps and shampoos we all use every day?

Did you know, that huge part of the world’s rainforests are destroyed each year to make space for palm oil production?

Do you wonder how Syria can be supported in rebuilding their country and economy after years of devastating Civil Wars?

Are you looking for simple and affordable ways to support both local and global social initiatives and volunteers?

In their “Dogoodery” talk, the Venoli team will address all these issues and present an exemplary way how everyone of us can make small contributions to tackle these issues and make the world around us a little better every day!

Join us next Thursday on Zoom, as usual. PM for the link. 

What?: Venoli-Team presents “DoGoodery” and have Social and Environmental Impact
Who?: Venoli Team
When?: Thursday, 22.04.2021, 20:00