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Speaker Meeting – Ahmed Omran

11. February 2021 all-day

Dear members, guests, and friends of RACMunich-International,

we’re very excited to announce our next speaker: Dr.Ahmed Omran.

Ahmed is an experimental physicist who graduated from TUM and did his PhD at the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics in Garching. There, he helped build an experiment using extremely cold atoms trapped in artificial crystals of light, to simulate complex quantum systems that cannot be simulated on any regular computer 
He spent 4 years doing similar research at Harvard University using single cold atoms that can be sorted at will to arbitrary patterns using lasers. The same technology can potentially be used to build specialised quantum computers in the future.
Now he is transitioning into research on artificial intelligence at Google AI in Zurich, working on new directions of Machine Learning.

Please join us for this awesome, sciency talk in our usual meeting via Zoom! 
What?: Experimentingwith the coldest objects in the universe 
Who?: Dr. Ahmed Omran
When?: Thursday, 11.02.2021, 20:00
Where?: please pm for the zoom link!