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Rotaract Club Munich-International Posts

Disko 2019

Last Saturday the district conference took place in Munich. We started the day with a teambuildung session: Drumming together with Drum Café.

Afterwards we reviewed the Rotarian year and we had a presentation of Rotary exchange students.

Besides that the best price for three social projects within the district was awarded followed by a presentation from sponsored students (Rotary scholarship holders).

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Chatmeeting – Bar Déjà bu

Last Thursday we had a Chatmeeting at Bar Deja bu, a French wine bar in Munich. We enjoyed the evening while having good wine, snacks and interesting conversations.

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Speeddating 2019

Last Friday our yearly speeddating event took place. It was a very successful event: We had many participants both Rotaracters and guests and 13 speeddate – matches. Furthermore we were able to foster the relationship between our club and Rotaract Bavaria. The revenues generated were donated to the Kult 9 Stiftung. We thank everyone for participating and hope that next year’s speeddating will be as successful as this year.

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Buy one piece more

Last Saturday we had our „one more buy“ campaign where we offered supermarket customers the opportunity to support the Münchner Tafel with food donations. For this purpose, the Rotaract shift team stood at the entrance of the cooperating supermarket, informed the customers about

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Last Thursday we had a great Kegel-evening at Restaurant “Da Claudio”. It was a fun evening with lots of nice conversations and good food!

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Pizza dinner at Mozzamo

Last Thursday we had a great evening at the Italian restaurant Mozzamo. The restaurant specializes in dishes with the super tasty Italian wonderful mozzarella di bufala. They also serve the best pizza in Munich (according to one of our italian members :D). All of this in a really fancy Milano-style restaurant atmosphere.




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