Bundessozialaktion (BuSo) 2015/16 – The “Rucksack-Projekt”

What is the “Bundessozialaktion”?

The “Bundessozialaktion” (BuSo) is a yearly well-chosen social project that every Rotaract Club in Germany participates in. This year, all RACs take Action in the “Rucksack-Projekt” which was originally founded by Mary’s Meals e.V.. According to our rotarian slogan “Be a gift to the world”, we donate filled backpacks to children who can’t afford it themselves.

What is the „Rucksack-Projekt“?

We collect and pack backpacks with materials of a given list of requirements and send them in cooperation with Mary’s Meals to Malawi and Liberia.

What is Mary’s Meals?

Mary’s Meals is an association which was founded in 2002 by Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow and Tony Smith. The key idea is to give every child in Malawi/Liberia and Uganda a daily meal during school time. Therefore, at the beginning of the project, schools were supported in offering meals besides education to the growing generations. The main vision about reading children  was expanded on the idea about giving more children the chance of equal education. (www.marysmeals.de)

Therefore, the „Rucksack-Projekt“ is a great project that we are more than happy to support as our this year’s „Bundessozialaktion“.

Until now, we’ve collected approximately 150 backpacks that are about to be packed (see list below) and personalized.Rucksack-Liste





If you want to participate by donating your children’s clothes or other things seen on this list, please write us an email to munich-international@rotaract.de