1 Millionen Menschen Leben – Bundessozialaktion 2017/18

Every life is worth living until the end!

This year’s Bundessozialaktion, entitled with “1 Millionen Menschen Leben”, is about life worth living and our own exposure to life’s end. Often, we don’t really want to talk about consequences when it comes to death. We tend to displace and block conversations about this very important aspect. At the same time, there are people in our society that care about people who are very sick and have very little quality of lifetime at that period of life.

By supporting this project, we want to verbalize and help to sensitize our community for this very important subject.

Here, you can find some more informations about 1 Millionen Menschen Leben.

If you have any further questions or ideas, how we could give some hands-on in this project, please don’t hesitate and contact us directly!